Welcome to the week picture museoum, Please leavbe us food we don't get paid or fed. We fell for webmaster's gaslighting, manipulation and girlbossing(source: youtube) attemopts and now we're trapped here for all of eternity, scrubbing these pictuees clean. waht even are balls.. kill me.

25/11/22 IMAGE
Reason why choosing:

I got 3 years left.. i dont- *cough* -think i can make it.. *suddently dries up like a raisin*

27/10/22 IMAGE
Reason why choosing:

What the actual fuck is this. can i hit it with a hammer and kill it. teehee :) heehee hehehe teehee :) jk.. i look like this irl.. i am this thing. its a picture of me.

10/10/22 IMAGE
Reason why choosing:

BLUZ!!! you are so wonderful blue little creature. im so proud of you, will you play some tunes for us with your silly little keyboard? ^_^

02/10/22 IMAGE
Reason why choosing:

This image here, is not actually Joe hawley from the band Tally Hall. its literally every fly on this single picture. can you believe it?

24/09/22 IMAGE
Reason why choosing:

this thing here is a Littlest pet shop dancing dog robot.. how silly it is.. flat as fuck head. Like this post to keep it alive. ignore to kill it and GO TO HELL. WHAT THE FUCK

17/09/22 IMAGE
Reason why choosing:

"studio ghibli food always looks so delicos." - certain twitter user.
samual cake.. it reallt does make you think, All history has lead to making thus cake, is it possible for a small cake to witness the uprising of a god, a new saviour?

09/09/22 IMAGE
Reason why choosing:

*grabs your balls and sqwyeezes them so hard they birst open and blood sprays evberuwjere and i look you into the eyes while you scream agony*...its a good image

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