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Goodnes gracious.. they really had me for a month?? hm. the mayo clowns took me and held me captive for a month, not recomended X_X IM SOO DEAD!! ah yeah, !!plum character page!!..hmm NO NOO! THEY'RE COMIGN BACK. STAY BAC-

guugh.. so unmotivated.. uughh.. so blog.. new week picture.. goodbue

errm what the scallop.. happy october halwoween ^_^! the elegiac page is here, go check it out at the character oage

*Crawls from undeer your bed*. aah, fresh air finally. It is.. *gets handed a paper* THE DAY WHEN TALLY HALL SHRINE IS DONE?? whaat this must be a joke.. it's not?? what the!! awesome. please check it out and hope your computer doesn't catch on fire?? giggles. get taken for a ride!

Ah, its scrithing time.. Scrith's character page is here. observe and enjoy. the mayo clowns WANT you

Nothing really, just blogging, new week image and stuff

hmm. meteralizes out of thin air and looks at the clock.. ah its 5.8th billion day of the existence.. ever thought why weeks images are weeks images? well now you got explains.. click the image of the week to see the archive and explanations!!

Rises from the dead.. groohh,, Ive risen from the grave,, unlike the queen. I am becoming silly and my "blog" page is here. i will write stuff i want people to read there..

drpepper drpepper

Welcome to vaje, A cold and dark void that's home to multiple different and beautiful "worlds" and entities. You have left everything you once knew behind, you're something new, An inertia.
There are 3 habitable locations; Dream world, Infinitely generating maze of rooms.
Jovial Playground, A strange indoor playground with many hidden secrets and mysteries.
Hotel tralude, A Hotel with oddly themed rooms waiting for visitors like you.
Now playing: That feeling when - Jovial's jungle

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