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eh. its august and school has started,, i've added few very cool links and graphics. that's all for this time!! Hopefully i can soon begin working on a new page..

eek eek eep :3 creator page is here. starts bouncing on the walls foaming from mouth jumps into a meat grinder

Back from 3 day long vacation! woohoo! one new page and some big upgrades for other pages! time to celebrat!!, also, thank you for such nice comments :Dthak u

New page! graphics page! woohoo!

long time no see, there's a new page now, yayy! also new cool effects..

new Decorations, :P and new picture of the week! hooray!!!!

yay! first page is here. enjoy the new silly page and few new decorations. i'll be adding more!! and oh! dream world updated recently

New Decorations added, Game page coming soon, I will decorate this page more soon, gotta replace few assets with original ones

drpepper drpepper

Welcome to vaje, A cold and dark void that's home to multiple different and beautiful "worlds" and entities. Always generating something new. You have left everything you once knew behind, you're something new, An inertia.
There are 3 habitable locations; Dream world, Infinitely generating maze of rooms.
Jovial Playground, A strange indoor playground with many hidden secrets and mysteries.
Hotel tralude, A Hotel with oddly themed rooms waiting for visitors like you.
Now playing: That feeling when - Jovial's jungle

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