Auuh, did you know that im studying to become a cook??
well i actually don't want to become one but im forced to study or else i'll get kicked out from my house. ( i would've studied computer stuff but i couldn't get in. FUUUCKK!!!!) anyways, i've been learning a lot of things abotu cooking. i've already had a little experience (fuck ueahj oatmeal cookies) but here i've gotten more. i've been cooking all kind of dessers and foods like Cake, Bread, Brownies, Mashedpotato, and salty pancakes.
It's pretty fucking boring cooking for 5 hours everyday wednesday to friday i'll tell you that. but during these painful times i've gotten to experiemce a lot of humiliation like SPILLING A HUGE BAG OF BLUE BERRIES... ON THE!! FLOOR!! GIRORMOUS BAG AND ALL OF RHEM!! FUCK!! but we gwt to eat our cookings after so thats fun. wahoo.
here's a picture of salty pancakes, coated with broccoli, tomatoes, feta cheese, cheese, and all kinds of yyummy stuff, it was rly good.......