I've been revamping jovial playground for the past month and god has it been time consuming. I haven't been able to update this site because of it. i wish days were longer! i've been learning shit loads of LUA. i've done things i didn't thing i could do! doing html has really paid off well.
"WHat is in the revamp?" you may ask. well, simple things like few new locations, complete improvement to builds and visual style, day cycle, polishing and more.. expect for it to come in like,, early 2023.. i doubt it comes anytime sooner, especially when dreamcon(virtual convention for the jovial playground/dream world community) is around the corner.
EVen though i've been doing a lot of progress, i feel like i've gotten a lot of more isolated and lonely because i've been doing nothing but stare at a screen the whole day until i go to sleep. i havne't talked to any friends properly in some time. but on the bright side, There's no bright side. goodbye.