NAME // Scrith
Gender/PRNS // Female SHE/HER
Height // 192cm
Species // Inertia
Birthday // May 6th
Skills // Accurate knife throwing, drawing, good memory, producing goo.

Scrith is one of the cashiers at Jovial playground. she'd rather play with her tamagotchi than do her job. She's not very hardworking.

Scrith is very silent. She's not a fan of social interactions and would rather stay at the comfort of her own room or with a close friend. She's mute and uses sign language to communicate.
Scrith can get extremely angry if anyone she cares about or she herself is disrespected, even as a joke. She shows anger through violence but she never seriously wants to hurt anyone. she doesn't desire to kill. the only exception is mouches which she doesnt see them as "real" at all. She never shows violent behavior when Plum is present.
She is quite insecure, she struggles to see any worth in herself.

Scrith has very weird episodes where black goo comes out of her cracks in large quantities. it is painless but very messy, It only lasts for about a week. Injuries Intensifies the goo, making them harder to control.

+Plush toys

I don't see what you see in me. i feel like i'm staining you
Why are you so kind to me even after all the mistakes i've done?
I wish you could remember something.. even just one memory.
The wounds you have left will take forever to heal. I am glad you're dead.
I can see a glimpse of sorrow and envy in your eyes when you look at me.
Little freak, i will make stew out of you.
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