(this blog entry is not related to cancel culture!!!)

I really wish i could be honest and be myself in open/public internet spaces when NOT doing things associated with my projects. i would love to get friends in spaces not associated with any of my projects in a way i dont have to hide things in order to be seen as normal and a good "public figure", Because of the small fame attached to my name.

If i were to be completely myself, it would give (probably?) a huge blow to my reputation as a creator if someone who only knows me as a creator came accross my own personal oddness. because, im weird. i do odd things, i talk about odd things, i like odd things. my behavior is not something many people would not be big fans of. i got that crazy autistic girl swag. When u do odd things, people will see it as weird, and weird must be evil? then people, and especially those that will hate you, will spread exaggerated sentences and claims of evil doings, when in reality u just want to talk about odd things.

but, why care about reputation?

because i want to have fun and create and people seeing my works without any complications!!!! i want to be silly and do silly things. but in recent years, creators' personal lives and doings has become such important part about one's reputation and creations. you are in the front whether if u liked it or not. ( its good to take away spotlight from pedophiles and groomers and those that spread racism etc.)

maybe i am just paranoid.