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22th of August
Dentistry, Cleaning, Designing clothing.

Lacustrine is the former janitor of Jovial Playground.
**They are currently dead**. During their time alive, they spent most of their time cleaning, rarely having any freetime.

Lacustrine has "episodes" similar to moodswings that change the way their personality is like, on some days they can be more extroverted, social and confident and then on other days they're more introverted, silent and cold.
Lacustrine is very smart, very skillful in math, they're also very independent and hate being told what to do
(by any other than aubade).
Lacustrine can be pretty hard to approach as they can come off as quite rude. They enjoy teasing, provoking and making jokes at the expense of those they dislike or have hard feelings towards. Because of their long work days, they're most often very tired or stressed. Lacustrine has some narcissistic tendencies.


**Rococo, baroque and victorian architecture**
**Big cities**

Worthless piece of shit, Are you ever going to do something? or are you going to keep wasting everyone's time and efforts?. Fuck. you.
The only one who seems to take anything seriously, You're truly something Plum. Do i understand you or do you understand me?
So many show empathy towards things they know will disappear..
Are you scared,,,?
very interesting, very mysterious,,,. are you hiding something? do you despise yourself?