Dream world is the first game i've made
and it centers around liminal spaces and dreamcore imagery!!ooohhuhu scary. Its a "maze" connecting over 100+ liminal spaces together, it is easy to get lost. you can even lose your cursor or wallet!
The game is good for drawing background references, exploration, calming down or going crazty!

TWS: Loud sudden noises, Eyes, blood, Teeth, other scary imagery.

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Game created: 12/13/20
Game last updated: 02/26/23

Jovial playground is the second game!!!!
and it centers around kidcore and dreamcore imagery!! and SILLINESS!!!. Its a fucked up indoor playground with a lot of things to see and a lot of detail! :D feel like a child again but in EVIL way

TWS: Possible eyestrain(there is a settings to lower the satueration), Meat, little bugs:), Blood, Trypophobia, eyes, scary imagery, non realistic gore.

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Game created: 2/21/21
Game last updated: 7/28/22

Tralude is my third and probably last roblox game!!!!!!!!!!!
It centers around all kinds of cores, mostly dream/weirdcore and those little bit similar!!!!! It is a hotel with multiple rooms with cool themes! find your favorute and hangout there!! have a lot of fun yippee! it currently has no music bc of copyright stuff but oh well ;_;
The game is mostly hangout, bring ur friends when playing!! :D

TWS: Eyes, blood, Teeth, SPIDERS, clowns (honk), other scary imagery.

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Game created: 06/20/21
Game last updated: 11/13/22

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