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NAME // Elegiac
Gender/PRNS // Any
Height // 168cm
Species // Inertia
Birthday // June 22nd
Skills // Shape shifting, good navigation.

Elegiac is one of the residents of Dream world. they are independent, lives and travels alone because no one else is willing to join them.

Elegiac is very outgoing and friendly, they always try to see the positives in every situation. They desperately want to be liked and have a people who care about them. They can get clingy towards anyone who's willing to communicate with them, becoming the person's "friend" whether the person wants it or not. Good luck trying to get rid of them once this happens
Elegiac takes anything negative said towards them way too personally. instead of expressing their sadness or defending themselves, they try to "Improve" themselves, no matter how harmful or painful it can get.

Elegiac is able to focus on things with ease, They rarely get distracted from anything and they will always keep their attention where it's supposed to be. They could watch paint dry for hours if just told so.

they're able to shapeshift into all kinds of shapes, they avoid shifting into big sized things because it can get really tough and hard to handle. They avoid shapeshifting in general because of the pain it causes.

the sun
Shiny things
you are always so unpredictable ^_^! can u stop biting mee;_; Dziekuje
Will i ever be good enough for you..