Show/anime: Monster, Parasyte, Made in abyss
Movies: Akira, Silence of the lambs
Music: The used, Tally Hall, Kmfdm, Nine inch nails, Omerta
Food: Lasagna, Beef jerky
Games: Roblox, Viva pinata, Mini ninjas
Animal: wombat, Flying fox
Candy: Bilar salt lakrits
Hello i am roska/kala/tsumuan. I have created this project and this s(h)ite. I was first spotted at age 0 in a hospital in finland august 17 2004. I'm reportedly a dangerous invidual (autism), i attack people on the streets. Sightings of me in the wild is rare because i leave no survivors.

Tally Hall
Fav characters
Mini ninjas (the game)

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